A curious soul with an unending quest to find what heals the most and makes an impact. Tahir is a marketing professional with a burning desire to make an impact and positively change the world.

Over the last 11 years, I have worked with companies from technology, SaaS, healthcare, e-commerce, and martech domains; adding value to their core business functions and helping them achieve growth goals. If you are here to grow your business with customer-focused and scalable digital marketing strategies, I look forward to working with you in the pursuit of your goals.


  • Digital strategy and execution
  • Team and infrastructure development
  • Digital product marketing
  • Productization and marketing of services
  • Channel-level strategy & execution (inbound, outbound, SEO, content, social, etc.)
  • Advertising & performance marketing
  • Marketingn operations
  • MarCom management
  • Online reputation management

Some Certifications

  • Google AdWords Search (Refreshed in 2021)
  • Google AdWords Display (Ref in 2021)
  • Facebook BluePrint (Numerous in 2020)
  • Fundamentals of Digital Marketing (2020)
  • Google Digital Guru, Blue Belt (2019)
  • Advanced Google Analytics (2019)
  • Google Analytics Beginner (2019)
  • Inbound Marketing, HubSpot (2017)